Eugen Sandow – The Strongest man in the World

www.strongmensecrets.com Eugen Sandow’s history and training methods. Strongmen Secrets Revealed Mind The Master-force for Health Why not throb with superior vitality! Why not possess the physical energy of a young lion? You will stand like a wall if need be, or rush with the force of a charging bison towards the desired achievements. We hear of many miraculous achievements in the building of health and the cure of disease through mental influence. The mind is unquestionably a master-force. We should remember that many diseases are to a great extent imaginary. And some of those not actually imaginary may at least be brought about through fears that are the results of abnormal delusions. And where such diseases are combated by mental forces of the right sort, a cure can be effected in many instances. In numerous cases, also, it is well to remember that the mental state is the actual cause of disease. You become blue, hopeless and to a certain extent helpless. You see nothing in the future. Life is dull. Ambition, enthusiasm, have all disappeared. It would not be at all difficult for this state of mind to bring about disease in some form. Health, strength, vitality of the right sort, should radiate all the elements and forces associated with life’s most valuable possessions. Happiness and health are close friends. It is very difficult to be gloomy and miserable if you are healthy. It is perhaps even more difficult to be healthy if you are gloomy and mentally ugly. Download
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  1. mastermultitasker says:


  2. CadaverJunky8 says:

    “Oooh man of zhe future. Zhis is Sandow, serving Colonel Venture.”

  3. OrlyDudeGuy says:

    I just wanna have a Hercules physique like this guy.

  4. wondeboy12 says:

    Its a lie its really dan severn age 15

  5. DarkKnight9A9A9 says:

    @gwatson101 I think he actually died of some kind of STD but the family did not want to let it be known and used the fact that he pulled a car out of ditch to make it seem plausable.
    There was an article “my muscles keep me young” on sandowplus about him when he was 57 where they said he looked like a 30 year old and in great health, i find it odd that he would suddenly go from that to having a stroke from doing something which for his strength would not be that much effort.

  6. RevolutionFireArts says:

    I will never get those minutes back…

  7. criceto says:

    he was gay, left his wife for a men lol

  8. Phil0185 says:

    @Quex01 Holy sh!t yeah, I really screwed up that timeline. For some reason I was thinking 16th century lol.

  9. Quex01 says:

    @Phil0185 That is simply not true, its a false myth. We are not talking medevil times here, remember? Go check out old graveyards. If people survived childhood, they lived pretty old, up to 80′s. Now people are much more likely to die to cancher or cardio-vascular diseases prematurely. Because they stuff their in faces processed crap, from wal mart or macdonalds, etc.

  10. Phil0185 says:

    @gwatson101 What do you mean by prematurely? Surely the average age before death was much less than

  11. ComaBoy05 says:

    I know he is NOTHING compared to today’s standards, but back then they didn’t have strict regimes and they only ate what was in season, for someone to look like that back then was amazing

  12. TraceurMeeka says:

    @SAYURU89 Lol, what a dumb idiot, your opinion is stupid and no one wants to hear it, go wank to Swarzenegger now, you fucking pussy ;)

  13. bullythebully1 says:

    @ThelegendAtlas think of my name when u r dying prematurely :D

  14. xchindit says:

    Must have been pretty embarrassing to get outlifted by a girl, even a freak like Sandwina. She even stole his name afterward, her real name was Katie Brumbach and she took his name after she beat him. It may have been around that time that Sandow started wearing diapers, I don’t know if there is any connection though

  15. SAYURU89 says:

    @TraceurMeeka its my opinion faggot.

  16. ThelegendAtlas says:

    @sciencestudent342 fuck you. get bent nerd. no one gives a shit about health….

  17. ThelegendAtlas says:

    @gwatson101 not bad but jack lilane showed off even in his 90′s

  18. CopsUrMasterAndLord says:

    @xchindit Bull shit. She wasn’t half his strength. Plus Arthur Saxon was the stronger of the two.

  19. xchindit says:

    He wasn’t even the strongest woman in the world. Katie Sandwina beat him in a weightlifting contest

  20. BuhoMetalero says:

    wow! i don´t see the typical comments of bodybuilding ´s haters saying ” its only steroid” or something else”

  21. osvie01 says:

    Sandow, is the godfather of bodybuilding, though the title of the strongest man of this era goes to Louis Cyr, whose heavy set body gave him the advantage. Sandow’s dumbell workout has really helped me.

  22. sciencestudent342 says:

    all that pressure on on his blood vessels = damaged blood vessel= stroke = drop the ego

  23. TraceurMeeka says:

    @xtncord An interesting point, but like many people that pick at something to prove their own point of view, you take the word too literally, no one needs a philosophy class to know that in this context functional means being able to carry out the natural movements the body was made for, mainly manipulating your own bodyweight in space, which is something bodybuilders are sadly poor at.

  24. TraceurMeeka says:

    @SAYURU89 The title was just a hyperbole, and what makes you think Schwarzenegger is stronger?

  25. SAYURU89 says:

    Well i wouldnt call him strongest Arnold Schwarzenegger is stronger then Eugen Sandow

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