Bodybuilder’s Lunch Box

Bodybuilder’s Lunch Box
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  1. ironmanager82 says:

    @WTSMiniEvenniaLOL – no worries mate, food preserves itself nicely in the fridge for 3-4 days

  2. WTSMiniEvenniaLOL says:

    cool cheers, doesnt the food go off if you keep it in the fridge for that long?

  3. ironmanager82 says:

    The 5th day I used to go to the local restaurant nearby my office and get a steak with salad or a salmon fillet. Now I prepare my meals everyday – I will post a new video very soon. In addition to rice and chicken I take with me bananas and some nuts (brazil nuts and almonds)…my training regime varies throughout the year…now I’m training 4 times a week but when I get close to a contest I end up training even up to 14 times a week ;) cheers

  4. WTSMiniEvenniaLOL says:

    what do you do for the 5th day? and what else do you take with you to work every day? and how many times a week do you go to gym

  5. WTSMiniEvenniaLOL says:

    what do you do for the 5th day?

  6. ironmanager82 says:

    Hey man
    No i usually don’t pre-heat the meal and I’m fine with the taste even the 4th day
    I leave everything in the fridge and I take the day portion with me to the office into a thermal bag…soon I will upload a new video…I’m starting my cutting period in one month…I will get mental then with diet :)

  7. ironmanager82 says:

    Hey man! Good question! Usually I eat the food cold…I keep it in the fridge and then put it into a lunch bag with ice cubes before going to the office…oil preserve the food and make sure the taste remains the same after 4 days! My next purchase for my cutting phase will be a 6 Packs Bag! Don’t know where to buy it in the UK though…cheers

  8. Thefoureyedprick says:

    Hey man! Thanks for the upload! I just started working in a office myself, didn’t know what I was going to do about my protein meals. This video sure helps!

    A question though, when you cook for four days in advance – on the third or fourth day, does the taste change and do you reheat the food in the canteen or eat it cold?

    Cheers bro!

  9. ironmanager82 says:

    Thanks mate! @ Morrison

  10. danmasey says:

    Hey nice vid. Can I ask – What supermarket are the Turkey Breasts from? (I’m from the UK as well)

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